– Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’

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Here you can red the Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ Detailed description:

Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ is a very fast growing, hardy vivarium plant. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ will quickly spread in your vivarium, providing a carpet of light green, wrinkly leaves and plenty of hiding spaces for frogs. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ is the plant of choice at Josh’s Frogs for ground cover and to raise poison dart frog froglets with.

Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ has a matting/vining habit, and makes a great foreground plant. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ can also be grown epiphytically, as long as Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ is not allowed to dry out.

Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ has high watering needs, and cannot be allowed to dry out. In several of my vivaria at home, Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ has even invaded the water feature! Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ can grow in all light conditions, but will make a low growing mat in higher light – I find this more attractive. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ will grow as a vine in lower light conditions, and quickly grow towards the light source. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ is a very quick grower, and may require pruning to keep it in check in a naturalistic vivarium. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ has no need for air circulation, and will grow better/faster without it. Pilea nummulariifolia ‘Creeping Charlie’ make a great filler plant in a naturalistic vivarium.


The plant pictured is in a 2.5″ pot.

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